Salsa Beach Splash Festival



From: 2014/07/14
Until: 2014/07/20

Solaris Beach Resort

22000 Šibenik

Croatia Sibenik Salsa Beach Splash Festival

SibenikCroatia 7 Days and Nights of Pure Salsa Joy and Beach Fun Salsa Beach Splash Festival is a summer salsa festival taking place in beautiful Solaris Beach Resort, Šibenik, Croatia. It is tailor-made for all of you passionate social dancers out there. We’ll put in all things we like as dancers, and remove all things we don’t like as dancers -parties that never end, great instructors, super-awesome location and affordable prices. Super-Awesome Instructors We invited the best instructors to offer you spectacular shows, great workshops and unforgettable social experience! All of the Artists are amazing dancers, great teachers and astounding social dancers!  We tried to bring you the finest blend of carefully selected international artists that, in our humble opinion, represent what the essence of salsa dance is… Or what it could be… Or what it should be. Parties Overdose! On Salsa Beach Splash Festival you will dance untill you can dance no more! We have a great party concept for you. It’s called “1 hour rest” – meaning you can dance all day, all night, through the dawn until 8am. Then you can use your 1 hour rest to prepare for the Hot Spot that starts at 9am. Can you handle it? Hot Spot Hot Spot is a place on the beach where music and dancing never stops! All day long! Imagine a place where all dancers can come between workshops or at any time of day, where they can listen to the salsa music, dance, just lie in the warm sun, swim in the sea or have fun in the pool. All in one place, all day long. Hot Spot is the heart of the Salsa Beach Splash Festival. So, do roam around, visit the city and browse other locations and everything – but come back to the Hot Spot. We will all be there. Crazy-Hot Pool Party Pool party will be the craziest pool party ever. To make that happen we have a lot of surprises! We have chosen the most beautiful pool in Solaris Beach Resort to make this party one of those you remember for a long time! The pool is located directly at the beach, with the great view to the sea. The area is divided in two parts – shallow and waist level pool. There is also a bar placed in the pool (no, you didn’t read wrong), from which you can directly buy a cocktail… This is just a glimps of what Salsa Beach Splash Festival is bringing to you. If you like it, then you have to join us! See you at the beach! [image-store album=335]


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